5.ADJAkeeninterest or emotion is one that is very intense. 强烈的


19.outpost/ˈaʊtˌpəʊst/CET6 TEM8


This rural outpost, 400 miles northeast of Helena, has one stoplight.

3.(北宋写在纸莎草纸上的) 古文稿;古抄本

2.N-COUNTAbwin56必赢手机版,chronologyis an account or record of the times and the
order in which a series of past events took place. 年表

…the protection of national and racial minorities.

4.PHRASEIf youtakesomeonecaptiveorholdsomeonecaptive,
you take or keep them as a prisoner. 禁锢某人

1.N-MASSClayis a kind of earth that is soft when it is wet and hard
when it is dry. Clay is shaped and baked to make things such as pots and
bricks. 黏土

He is still involved in voluntary work promoting local enterprise.

25.frontier/ˈfrʌntɪə, frɒn-/

They stripped completely, and lay and turned in the damp grass.

1.ADJAninaccessibleplace is very difficult or impossible to reach.
难到达的; 不可及的

2.N-COUNTAterritoryis a country or region that is controlled by
another country. 属地

2.ADJSomeone who ishostileis unfriendly and aggressive. 怀敌意的

4.V-IIf you say that someonedescends tobehaviour which you consider
unacceptable, you are expressing your disapproval of the fact that they
do it. 堕落表不满

He had engaged in genealogical research on his family shortly before the

n.【历史】 巴比伦王国(澳大利亚(Australia)西北部的西楚奴隶制国家,首都巴比伦)


There was social intercourse between the old and the young.

5.V-TTostripsomething means to remove everything that covers it.

1.ADJIf you arehostiletoanother person or an idea, you disagree with
them or disapprove of them, often showing this in your behaviour.
反对的; 敌对的

1.V-TToilluminatesomething means to shine light on it and to make it
brighter and more visible. 照亮

…the largest maritime museum of its kind.

5.ADJIn a war, you usehostileto describe your enemy’s forces,
organizations, weapons, land, and activities. (战争中) 敌方的

…the spirit of enterprise worthy of a free and industrious people.

4.portion/ˈpɔːʃən/CET4 TEM4

He toured some of the disputed territories now under UN control.

3.V-TIf a person or countryharbourssomeone who is wanted by the
police, they let them stay in their house or country and offer them
protection. 窝藏

At present we’re gleaning information from all sources.

…a model in scanty clothing.

2.V-TIf youilluminatesomething that is unclear or difficult to
understand, you make it clearer by explaining it carefully or giving
information about it. 阐明

Her heart had begun to pound inside her chest like a captive animal.

23.harbour/ˈhɑːbə/ (harbouring,harboured,harbours)

Accusations of harbouring suspects were raised against the former
Hungarian leadership.

3.ADJSomeone or something that isinaccessibleis difficult or
impossible to understand or appreciate. 难懂的; 不能驾驭的表不满

…an amateur artist with a keen eye for detail.



3.V-TTopreventsomeonefromdoing something means to make it
impossible for them to do it. 阻止

2.N-SINGA Taurusis a person whose sign of the zodiac is Taurus.



2.V-TIf peopleare massacred, a large number of them are attacked and
killed in a violent and cruel way. 大规模屠杀


Listening to his life story is akin to reading a good adventure novel.

6.N-COUNTAperchis an edible fish. There are several kinds of perch.

They have made their fortunes from industry and commerce.


Following the futuristic “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Margaret Atwood’s
seventh novel, “Cat’s Eye,” returns to more familiar territory.


…people living in remote and inaccessible parts of China.

3.ADJIf you have akeeneye or ear, you are able to notice things that
are difficult to detect. 灵敏的

He flung himself to the floor.

Maria lost her 62-year-old mother in the massacre.

…Rameses II, Pharaoh of All Egypt.

2.ADJof or relating to this people, their civilization, or their
language 希泰族的; 希葡萄牙语的

We all performed action songs, sketches, and dances before a captive
audience of parents and patrons.

Drinking may make a person feel relaxed and happy, or it may make her
hostile, violent, or depressed.

2.Nany ideal city 别的美好的都市

1.N-COUNTInvadersare soldiers who are invading a country. 侵略者

36.inborn/ˈɪnˈbɔːn/CET6 TEM8

It can scarcely be coincidence.

2.ADJHebrewmeans belonging to or relating to the Hebrew language or
people. 印度语印尼语的; 希伯来人的

The medical system is facing collapse because of an exodus of doctors.

46.massacre/ˈmæsəkə/ 4(massacring,massacred,massacres)



Damage was confined to a small portion of the castle.

27.throw off

She flung herself into her career.

2.N-COUNTAstripofland or water is a long narrow area of it. 狭长

The use of steel and concrete has allowed the builders to perch a light
concrete dome on eight slender columns.

1.ADJRacialdescribes things relating to people’s race. 种族的

2.ADVYou can usescarcelyto say that something is not true or is not
the case, in a humorous or critical way. 决不


The children were brazenly stripping off and leaping into the sea.


1.Nan ancient region between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean,
corresponding roughly to Israel: the Promised Cadillac of the Israelites

She gave him a factual account of the chronology of her brief liaison.


Many people felt he would be hostile to the idea of foreign

2.ADV敏锐地 keenly


So far, what scanty evidence we have points to two suspects.


3.ADJAcaptiveaudience is a group of people who are not free to leave
a certain place and so have to watch or listen. Acaptivemarket is a
group of people who cannot choose whether or where to buy things. (观者)
不或者随随便便离开的; (市镇) 被占据的

Ninety-five percent of its magnificent collection will remain
inaccessible to the public.

300 civilians are believed to have been massacred by the rebels.

10.prevent/prɪˈvɛnt/ (preventing,prevented,prevents)


…a new kind of manufactured wood made by pressing strips of wood
together and baking them.

The government denies that any of its territory is under rebel control.

1.N-COUNTAnoutpostis a small group of buildings used for trading or
military purposes, either in a distant part of your own country or in a
foreign country. (设在国内边远地区或国外的) 军事基地; 贸易集散地

4.N-UNCOUNTEnterpriseis the ability to think of new and effective
things to do, together with an eagerness to do them. 开创力;

3.ADVIf you sayscarcelyhadone thing happened when something else
happened, you mean that the first event was followed immediately by the
second. 刚…就…

2.N-COUNTSomeone’scountenanceis their face. 面孔

5.N-UNCOUNTTerritoryis land with a particular character.
(具有某种特征的) 地带

1.N-UNCOUNTIf you showmasteryofa particular skill or language, you
show that you have learned or understood it completely and have no
difficulty using it. 掌握

Will the teacher’s prophecy be fulfilled?

The world champion finished more than two seconds ahead of his nearest

4.V-TIf youflingsomeone to the ground, you push them very roughly so
that they fall over. 推倒

1.V-TIf youflingsomething somewhere, you throw it there using a lot
of force. 猛掷

There’s been a big reduction in the size of the merchant fleet in recent

1.V-TTodefilesomething that people think is important or holy means
to do something to it or say something about it which is offensive. 亵渎

The boundaries between history and storytelling are always being blurred
and muddled.

She flung her arms around my neck and kissed me.


 keen on doing 渴望的;热衷的

The territory of a cat only remains fixed for as long as the cat
dominates the area.。

Peter flung his shoes into the corner.

2.V-TIf youare shepherdedsomewhere, someone takes you there to make
sure that you arrive at the right place safely. 护送

The soldiers have stripped the civilians of their passports, and every
other type of document.

2.V-IToperchsomewhere means to be on the top or edge of something.
坐落于 (某物顶部或边缘)

Richard was finally released on February 4, one year and six weeks after
he’d been taken captive.

2.V-TIf youharbouran emotion, thought, or secret, you have it in
your mind over a long period of time. 长时间具备

61.glean/ɡliːn/ (gleaning,gleaned,gleans)

1.V-IIf youperch onsomething, you sit down lightly on the very edge
or tip of it. 轻坐在; 轻落在 (边上或顶上)

1.ADJAcaptiveperson or animal is being kept imprisoned or enclosed.
被囚系的; 被圈养的

2.N-COUNTAnenterpriseis something new, difficult, or important that
you do or try to do. 事业

The Bow Brook forms the western boundary of the wood.

He had defiled the sacred name of the Holy Prophet.

4.ADJAhostiletakeover bid is one that is opposed by the company that
is being bid for. (收购投标) 恶意的


He had retained a keen interest in the progress of the work.


3.ADJHostilesituations and conditions make it difficult for you to
achieve something. (环境和规则等) 不利的

He had an inborn talent for languages.

Strip down means the same as . 拆卸

The area is famous for its wonderfully fragrant wine which has no rivals
in the Rhone.

Children vary considerably in the rate at which they learn these

2.N-UNCOUNTIn tennis, matches played onclayare played on courts
whose GALAXY Tab is covered with finely crushed stones or brick. 红土网训练场

1.V-TIf yougleansomething such as information or knowledge, you
learn or collect it slowly and patiently, and perhaps indirectly.

They’re keenly aware that whatever they decide will set a precedent.

1.N-SINGIf you say that people are under theyokeofa bad thing or
person, you mean they are forced to live in a difficult or unhappy state
because of that thing or person. 羁绊; 枷锁


3.N-COUNTAstripis a long street in a city or town, where there are a
lot of stores, restaurants, and hotels. 商业街

3.N-COUNTAdefileis a very narrow valley or passage, usually through
mountains. 山中狭径

1.N-COUNT/N-PROPERApharaohwas a king of ancient Egypt. 法老
(古阿拉伯埃及共和国(The Arab Republic of Egypt)天皇)

2.scarcely/ˈskɛəslɪ/CET4 TEM4

1.ADJIn something such as an election or a war, if someone
isunopposed, there are no opponents competing or fighting against
them. 无竞争的; 没有对手的

1.N-VARAmassacreis the killing of a large number of people at the
same time in a violent and cruel way. 大屠杀

…Goff’s Charcoal Hamburgers on Lover’s Lane, a busy commercial strip
in North Dallas.

3.ADJMerchantseamen or ships are involved in carrying goods for
trade. 商船的

1.N-COUNTYourrivalis a person, business, or organization who you are
competing or fighting against in the same area or for the same things.

…mountainous territory.

The state provided a basic quantity of food for daily sustenance, but
little else.



They described him as a man of keen intellect.

1.N-UNCOUNTIntercourseis the act of having sex. 性交


Charles listened keenly.

The youth got him by the front of his shirt and flung him to the ground.

Mark Johnston was running unopposed for mayor in Saco, Maine.

…the vast slums that perch precariously on top of the hills around
which the city was built.

1.ADJMaritimeis used to describe things relating to the sea and to
ships. 海事的

He could scarcely breathe.

3.V-TIf two or more people or thingsare yokedtogether, they are
forced to be closely linked with each other. 使强行结合; 把…硬拼凑在一块

People are still suffering under the yoke of slavery.






2.N-UNCOUNT预防 prevention

He said this would prevent companies from creating new jobs.

2.ADJ家谱的 genealogical

To be without Pearce would be a considerable blow.

1.N-UNCOUNTThechronologyofa series of past events is the times at
which they happened in the order in which they happened. 大事记

12.scanty/ˈskæntɪ/ (scantier,scantiest)

2.Vto make foul or dirty; pollute 玷污; 弄脏

1.Nthe fourth son of Jacob, one of whose descendants was to be the
梅西ah (Genesis 29:35; 49:8–12) 犹大;

He doesn’t have mastery of the basic rules of grammar.

1.N-COUNT-COLLTribeis sometimes used to refer to a group of people
of the same race, language, and customs, especially in a developing
country. Some people disapprove of this use. 部落

…intermarriage between members of the old and new ruling classes.

The woman flung the cup at him.

2.N-COUNTAportionis the amount of food that is given to one person
at a meal.

…the heavy clay soils of Georgia.。


1.NHeaven 太原

1.Na member of the group of Caucasoid peoples who speak a Semitic
language, including the Jews and Arabs as well as the ancient
Babylonians, Assyrians, and Phoenicians 闪族人

…some of the most hostile climatic conditions in the world.

5.N-COUNTAperchis a short rod for a bird to stand on. (鸟的) 栖木

6.V-TIf youflingyourself intoa particular activity, you do it with a
lot of enthusiasm and energy. 投身于


It wasn’t difficult then to cross the frontier.

N-COUNTAshepherdis a person, especially a man, whose job is to take
care of sheep. 牧羊人



2.V-IIf a large group of people arrive to see you, especially if their
visit is unexpected or causes you a lot of work, you can say that
theyhave descendedonyou. 突然到访


2.N-COUNTAnoutpostis a small settlement or community that is
situated in a remote part of a country. 边远居民点

After Mike left for work I stripped the beds and vacuumed the carpets.

2.ADV种族地 racially

I’m still no closer to deciphering the code.

1.N-UNCOUNTHebrewis a language that was spoken by Jews in former
times. A modern form of Hebrew is spoken now in Israel. 塞尔维亚语

6.perch/pɜːtʃ/  (perching,perched,perches)

1.N-COUNTAmerchantis a person who buys or sells goods in large
quantities, especially one who imports and exports them. 商人

…action against a foreign invader.



42.descend/dɪˈsɛnd/ (descending,descended,descends)

13.strip/strɪp/ (stripping,stripped,strips)

Most tennis is played on hard courts, but a substantial amount is played
on clay.



8.N-COUNTIf two people haveafling, they have a brief sexual
relationship. 短暂的青绿韵事

1.ADJConsiderablemeans great in amount or degree. 至极多的; 卓殊大的

3.V-TIf youperchsomethingonsomething else, you put or balance it
on the top or edge of that thing. 把…稳置于 (某物顶部或边缘)

2.ADJIf someone is wearingscantyclothing, he or she is wearing
clothes which are sexually revealing. (衣着)暴露的


1.ADJYou describe something asscantywhen there is less of it than
you think there should be. 缺乏的; 不足的

1.V-RECIPWhen people or thingsintermingle, they mix with each other.
搀和; 混合; 交织

2.ADJIf something isinaccessible, you are unable to see, use, or buy
it. 看不到的; 不可动用的; 买不到的


3.N-COUNTAfrontieris a border between two countries. 国界

1.ADJIf one thing isakintoanother, it is similar to it in some way.

2.N-COUNTAcaptiveis someone who is captive. 被禁锢者

1.N-COUNTWhen you are talking about the western part of America before
the twentieth century, you usefrontierto refer to the area beyond
the part settled by Europeans. (20世纪前United States) 东部边陲

She claims she had a brief fling with him 30 years ago.

4.V-IIf youstrip, you take off your clothes. 脱衣服

This allows the two cultures to intermingle without losing their
separate identities.

…three-hundred members of the Xhosa tribe.

8.N-COUNTIn a newspaper or magazine, astripis a series of drawings
which tell a story. The words spoken by the characters are often written
on the drawings. 连环画

No streetlights illuminated the street.

3.N-UNCOUNTEnterpriseis the activity of managing companies and
businesses and starting new ones. 创业

The coastal cities of Liguria sit on narrow strips of land lying under
steep mountains.

1.N-UNCOUNTSustenanceis food or drink which a person, animal, or
plant needs to remain alive and healthy. 食物

2.ADV非凡多地; 拾贰分大地 considerably

2.N-COUNTAmerchantis a person who owns or runs a shop, or other
business. 店主

The city is encircled by a hostile army.

57.shepherd/ˈʃɛpəd/ (shepherding,shepherded,shepherds)



Its very existence on the twin peakedcragis awe-inspiring, as are
the six well-preserved dry-built beehive-shaped cells that were once
inhabited by monks.

4.V-IWhen a birdperchesonsomething such as a branch or a wall, it
lands on it and stands there. (鸟) 栖息

…pushing back the frontiers of science.

1.V-TIf youdeciphera piece of writing or a message, you work out
what it says, even though it is very difficult to read or understand.



2.N-COUNTTheboundariesofsomething such as a subject or activity are
the limits that people think that it has. 界限

1.ADVYou usescarcelyto emphasize that something is only just true or
only just the case. 大约不; 简直不强调

Desserts can be substituted by a portion of fresh fruit.



Vto free oneself of; discard 摆脱; 抛弃

1.N-COUNTAstripofsomething such as paper, cloth, or food is a long,
narrow piece of it. (纸、布或食品的) 条



60.keen/kiːn/ (keener,keenest)

1.V-TTopreventsomething means to ensure that it does not happen.

1.ADJInbornqualities are natural ones that you are born with. 天生的

He lit a cigarette and perched on the corner of the desk.

1.ADJIf you say that someone has akeenmind, you mean that they are
very clever and aware of what is happening around them. 敏锐的


1.N-VARTerritoryis land which is controlled by a particular country
or ruler. 领土

2.阿提卡(古希腊共和国(The Republic of Greece)中西边的所在)

7.Flingcan be used instead of “throw” in many expressions that
usually contain “throw.” 在比比皆是短语中得以取代(throw)


1.V-TIf someone will notcountenancesomething, they do not agree with
it and will not allow it to happen. 赞同

2.ADJof, relating to, or characteristic of the ancient or modern
Assyrians, their language, or culture 亚述国的; 和亚述国有关的




He might have been murdered by a former client or someone harbouring a


6.V-TIf youstripan engine or a piece of equipment, you take it to
pieces so that it can be cleaned or repaired. 拆卸

3.considerable/kənˈsɪdərəbəl/CET4 TEM4

7.V-TTostripsomeoneoftheir property, rights, or titles means to
take those things away from them. 剥夺 (财产、权利); 撤销 (头衔)

He described the difficulties of surviving for four months as a captive.

1.N-COUNTTheboundaryofan area of land is an imaginary line that
separates it from other areas. 边界

…the prevention of heart disease.

The family was forced to live on credit from local merchants.

…a troupe of scantily-clad dancers.


雅典(希腊语(Greece)首都)[希腊语 Athenai]

5.V-TIf youflingsomething into a particular place or position, you
put it there in a quick or angry way. 扔

1.N-UNCOUNTCommerceis the activities and procedures involved in
buying and selling things. 商业

1.Na member of an ancient people of Anatolia, who built a great empire
in N Syria and Asia Minor in the second millenniumbc希泰族人

Some 3,000 city officials will descend on Capitol Hill on Tuesday to
lobby for more money.


…the respected Hebrew newspaper Haarez.

5.defile   (defiling,defiled,defiles)

1.N-SINGIf there is anexodusofpeoplefroma place, a lot of people
leave that place at the same time. 大批偏离

We are both children of racially mixed marriages.


3.V-IWhen you want to emphasize that the situation that someone is
entering is very bad, you can say that theyare descending intothat
situation. 陷入强调

We’re not going to descend to such methods.


2.N-COUNTABerberis a person from the Berber community. 柏柏尔人


1.N-UNCOUNTTaurusis one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its
symbol is a bull. People who are born between approximately the 20th of
April and the 20th of May come under this sign. 金牛座


1.N-COUNTAnenterpriseis a company or business. 公司; 企业

2.N-COUNTIf you say that someone or something hasnorivalsor
iswithoutrival, you mean that it is best of its type. 可匹敌者

1.ADJBerbermeans belonging or relating to a particular Muslim people
in North Africa, or to their language or customs. 柏柏尔的; 柏柏尔人的;

Soon after he arrived, Kingfisher launched a hostile bid for Dixons.


…a far-flung outpost on the frontier.

14.territory/ˈtɛrɪtərɪ/CET4 TEM4

The introduction attempts to yoke the pieces together.

She led us to a room with a balcony overlooking the harbour.

4.ADV灵敏地 keenly

Volvo’s three-man team stripped the car and treated it to a restoration.

2.V-TIf youflingyourselfsomewhere, you move or jump there suddenly
and with a lot of force. 突然移向; 突然跳到

…a remote mountain outpost, linked to the outside world by the poorest
of roads.

44.fling/flɪŋ/ (flinging,flung,flings)

He was ultimately overthrown and the country descended into chaos.

1.Nan inhabitant of ancient Assyria 古亚述国居民

3.N-UNCOUNTYou can useterritoryto refer to an area of knowledge or
experience. 领域

The second part of Duffy’s book is a detailed chronology of the

1.V-T/V-IIf youdescendor if youdescenda staircase, you move
downward from a higher to a lower level. 下 (楼梯等); 下来

…sexual intercourse.

1.N-VARAprophecyis a statement in which someone says they strongly
believe that a particular thing will happen. 预言

65.decipher/dɪˈsaɪfə/ (deciphering,deciphered,deciphers)

Jake would not countenance Janis’s marrying while still a student.

1.N-UNCOUNTGenealogyis the study of the history of families,
especially through studying historical documents to discover the
relationships between particular people and their families. 系谱学

1.N-COUNTAportion ofsomething is a part of it. 部分

2.N-UNCOUNTSocialintercourseis communication between people as they
spend time together. 交际


1.N-COUNT/N-IN-NAMESAharbouris an area of the sea at the coast which
is partly enclosed by land or strong walls, so that boats can be left
there safely. 港口

2.N-COUNTAyokeis a long piece of wood tied across the necks of two
animals such as oxen, in order to make them walk close together when
they are pulling a plow. 轭; 牛轭

Strip off. 脱衣服

4.N-VARAn animal’sterritoryis an area which it regards as its own
and which it defends when other animals try to enter it. (动物的) 地盘

These methods prevent pregnancy.

The city was destroyed by foreign invaders.

Things are cooler and more damp as we descend to the cellar.

1.阿提卡(希腊共和国(Ελληνική Δημοκρατία)东西部的地段)


A small, yellow bird in a cage sat on its perch outside the house.


1.N-UNCOUNTIntermarriageis marriage between people from different
social, racial, or religious groups. 通婚

3.V-TIf youflinga part of your body in a particular direction,
especially your arms or head, you move it there suddenly. 猛然移动

Scarcely had the votes been counted, when the telephone rang.

She was shepherded by her guards up the rear ramp of the aircraft.

2.N-COUNTThefrontiersof something, especially knowledge, are the
limits to which it extends. (尤指知识的) 前沿

Horse breeding is indeed a risky enterprise.

…language that is inaccessible to working people.

Any knowledgeable wine merchant would be able to advise you.

1.N-COUNTAcragis a steep rocky cliff or part of a mountain. 悬崖;



He is a fluent speaker of Hebrew.

1.N-COUNTAnexcavatoris a large machine that is used for digging, for
example, when people are building something. 挖掘机

18.philosophic speculation法学思维


A blackbird flew down and perched on the parapet outside his window.

There are plenty of small industrial enterprises.

11.rival/ˈraɪvəl/ (rivalling,rivalled,rivals)

Cassette recorders cannot rival the sound quality of CDs.


2.N-COUNTYou can refer to a country or army that has invaded or is about
to invade another country as aninvader. 侵略国; 侵略军


3.V-TIf you say that one thingrivalsanother, you mean that they are
both of the same standard or quality. 与…相匹敌