Peak- Application of Principles


The principles of deliberate practice can be used in business, teaching,
musical training, even military trainings. No matter which field you are
working in, you can think of the seven principles to improve your own
ability proactively and solve obstacles necessarily. 

The Top Gun School is known for its excellent tactics in training
fighter pilots. In order to shoot down more Soviet’s jet, the Top Gun
School deliberately made a plan where pilots were forced to face
air-to-air combat in various conditions. According to pilots’
reflection, the guides learned experience and then changed the plan to
be more perfect. Pilots themselves turned to proactively think of issues
with the principles.

Doctors, teachers and sales managers can not hone their skills without
instant and effective feedbacks. Learning from exports need the ability
to differentiate effective methods exports have used. If you ask
yourself more questions  from the point of principles of deliberate
practice, you will analyze your issues objectively and then optimize
your mental representations gradually.


Anyone can improve, but it requires the right approach.

Improvement becomes a matter of figuring out what the “right way” is.






…they downed two North Vietnamese jests for every one jet they lost.

释义:If something or someone is downed, they fall to the ground because
they have been hurt or damaged in some way.

例句:A bank guard shot him in the leg and downed him.

造句:Ancient people sometimes use pigeons to transfer message. The
disadvantage is that pigeons can be easily downed by arrows or stones.


They feed a seemingly insatiable appetite among their customers for
anything that might provide a competitive edge.

释义:(especially of a desire or need) too great to be satisfied

例句:Nothing, it seemed, would satisfy his insatiable curiosity.

造句:Common people can not understand why so many officers have an
insatiable desire for wealth. Sometimes they even do damage to others.
The insatiable desire is not formed in a day.


One, in particular, the Blue Bunny ice cream company, adopted the
approach and even added its own twist.

释义:a change in the way in which something happens.

例句:The story took a surprise twist today with media reports that the
doctor had resigned.

造句:It is necessary to make preparations for the potential twists
among the wedding.